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Lemon Gym, Sacharova, Riga, Latvia, 2022
Evolve Fitness is proud to showcase our latest project at Lemon Gym in Riga, Latvia. This gym is equipped with over 20 of our premium plate loaded machines, designed to provide a challenging and effective workout for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. In addition to our top-of-the-line free weight machines, we have also provided Lemon Gym with over 20 of our Prime Series benches. These benches are durable, comfortable, and easy to use, with integrated storage to help keep the gym organized and tidy. With options for Olympic decline, incline, flat, biceps benches, and more, there's no need to wait in line for equipment. To ensure that Lemon Gym's clients have access to a wide range of weight options, we have provided 6 tons of customized urethane free weights, dumbbells, fixed weight barbells, and body-pump sets with laser-cut and urethane-infused Lemon Gym logos and brand colors. We also offer a variety of Hi-Temp X Bumper plates, hex dumbbells, rubber and urethane competition kettlebells, and other accessories to support a variety of training styles. The functional zone at Lemon Gym is stocked with everything clients need to challenge their strength, agility, and endurance. We've included wall balls, slam balls, powerbags, wooden and soft plyo boxes, soft tires, and more to keep workouts fresh and interesting. For powerlifters and strength athletes, we've installed half-racks with powerlifting insert sound and vibration absorption platforms, as well as 20 Olympic bars with bearings for a smooth rotation and a well-rounded workout. To make the gym even more customizable, we've installed a rig system with custom-color uprights and storage solutions, all designed in accordance with the space and client's needs. We've also provided 50 NBR thick mats with custom brand logos and a wide range of accessories to suit everyone's needs. At Evolve Fitness, we pride ourselves on providing top-grade equipment for fitness enthusiasts all over the world. We're thrilled to have partnered with Lemon Gym in Riga, Latvia, and can't wait to see the results their clients achieve with our equipment. If you're interested in opening up your own gym and want access to the best equipment on the market, contact us today to see how we can help.
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