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Kopa Gym, Lithuania, 2023
Introducing Kopa Gym, the latest addition to our list of successful gym projects! We're thrilled to have equipped this gym in Palanga with our top-of-the-line equipment and machines, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts in the area have access to the best workout experience possible. Cardio Equipment: At Kopa Gym, we've provided a wide range of cardio devices that cater to every preference. Our state-of-the-art treadmills are the highlight of the gym, featuring a 21.5-inch FULL HD TFT console, unlimited entertainment options, virtual workouts, and advertising capabilities. Our innovative treadmills are perfect for those who want to have a fun and engaging workout experience while burning calories and improving their cardio fitness. Strength Training Equipment: For those who are serious about strength training, Kopa Gym has got you covered. Our gym features a wide variety of selectorized workout machines that target different muscle groups for a full-body workout. Our premium grade plate loaded machines are perfect for building strength and endurance, while our 4 tons of urethane free weights with laser-cut and urethane-infused logo and weight number indications provide the perfect equipment for a complete weightlifting experience. Workout Benches: At Kopa Gym, we've provided 15 workout benches that are designed to provide maximum comfort and support during your workout. No more waiting in line or feeling uncomfortable during your exercise routines! Rig System: Kopa Gym boasts a one-of-a-kind ceiling-mounted rig system that's designed to maximize the workout space and provide a versatile solution for functional training exercises. This innovative system is the first of its kind in Europe and features high-quality steel construction and a variety of attachments, including pull-up bars, dip bars, and adjustable rings. Functional Zone: Kopa Gym has a functional zone that caters to the growing popularity of functional training. We've equipped the gym with wall balls, powerbags, and plyo platforms in our stylish and durable carbon material line, providing the perfect equipment for improving balance, agility, and coordination. At Evolve Fitness, we're committed to providing the best workout experience to our customers, and Kopa Gym is a testament to our dedication. We're proud to have equipped the gym with our latest and most innovative equipment, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts in Palanga have access to a gym that meets their every need. Come and experience the ultimate workout at Kopa Gym today!
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