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Gym+, Lithuania, 2021
At Evolve, we take pride in equipping some of the finest fitness centers in Lithuania and beyond. Our long-standing project, Gym+, located in Klaipėda city, is no exception. With almost 4 tons of free weights, including customized urethane free weights with laser-cut and urethane-infused gym logo and a custom chosen splash of color, we have ensured that Gym+ members have access to top-of-the-line equipment. And with dumbbell weight options up to an impressive 60 kg, members can push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable workout environment, which is why we have equipped Gym+ with half racks featuring integrated sound and vibration absorption platforms. These platforms minimize noise and prevent any unwanted movement during heavy lifting, ensuring a safe and enjoyable workout experience. Our ergonomic and durable plate loaded machines are also featured in Gym+. These machines are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency while targeting specific muscle groups. In addition, we have provided almost 30 workout benches, including a selection of bench press benches, to ensure a wide range of exercises and options for members. We understand that each fitness center has unique needs, which is why we have designed a custom-made rig system for Gym+. The uprights are of a custom chosen color and the system is designed in accordance with the space and gym needs. To promote functional training and cross-training, we have equipped Gym+ with urethane kettlebell sets, slam balls, wall balls, powerbags, and soft plyo box sets. These functional workout options provide a full-body workout and can be customized to fit individual fitness levels. Last but not least, we have provided PVC and NBR workout mats with their brand logo depicted. These high-quality mats not only ensure a comfortable workout surface but also represent the Gym+ brand with pride. At Evolve, we strive to provide the best fitness equipment and designs, and Gym+ is a prime example of our commitment to excellence. We are honored to have contributed to the success of Gym+ and look forward to equipping many more fitness centers in the future.
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