Evolve TPU Urethane Dumbbell Set 2 x 12,5-60 kg

Evolve TPU Urethane Dumbbell Set 2 x 12,5-60 kg

High quality TPU urethane coat ensures maximum durability in comparison to rubber. These dumbbells provide a sleek, modern look and long-lasting durability due to exceptional features of urethane. You can customize these dumbbells to fit your brand image and choose a look to fit your needs. Sold in pairs or sets. Available in a set that consists of 2 x 12,5 kg / 15 kg / 17,5 kg / 20 kg / 22,5 kg / 25 kg / 27,5 kg / 30 kg / 32,5 kg / 35 kg / 37,5 kg / 40 kg / 42,5 kg / 45 kg / 47,5 kg / 50 kg / 52,5 kg / 55 kg / 57,5 kg / 60 kg.

SKU: EV-DS-TP-12,5-35

    Urethane coating is highly impact resistant and twice as durable as rubber coating. Painted surfaces may chip and rust, rubber can peel off or crack over time. Urethane does not have any specific smell, is resistant to heat, UV rays and even natural wear and tear. Evolve urethane dumbbells are extremely durable and do not degrade, so they will keep their perfect appearance even after years of intensive use. These dumbbells are a perfect investment for both home and gym users, because they will be cheaper long term and will keep intact longer, than rubber or steel dumbbells. They will maintain a bold solid color for the lifetime. Urethane coating also protects floor from scratches, damages and absorbs sound during workouts.


    Boost your gym with equipment that matches your brand image. Order Evolve equipment now and we will match it to your interior color scheme at your request, laser cut and urethane infuse your brand logo and color. The solution you have been waiting for – equipment customized to fit your needs. Evolve dumbbells have textured surface, which is easy to clean, non-slip and provides great grip for handling. These features also ensure safety during intense workouts.


    Evolve urethane dumbbells are made of sturdy metal alloy cast, which is more durable and resistant to corrosion and deformation, than iron or any other alloy. Precision casting ensures maximum balance and accuracy of dimensions. Evolve dumbbells are designed for home users, searching for quality or professional gyms, any commercial fitness facility in military bases, hotels, hostels, rehabilitation centers.


    Dumbbells are sold in pairs or sets in a wide weight variety, so that everyone can find the best option to fit their needs. This feature is especially convenient in gyms, because both beginners and professional athletes can choose their best fit. Evolve is one of a few manufacturers that have a selection of dumbbells from 12,5 kg to 60 kg in 2,5 kg increments.


    Weight numbers are laser cut and permanently molded into place – this method ensures a clean cut without any hanging splints. Numbers and logo are also infused with urethane, which ensures a bold color that will not fade over time.


    • We can infuse your gym brand logo and color,
    • Urethane coat for maximum durability,
    • Knurled handles provide great grip,
    • Hard chromed handles,
    • Laser cut, urethane infused logo and weight number