Evolve Prime Series Selectorized Horizontal Row, PR-202

Evolve Prime Series Selectorized Horizontal Row, PR-202

Evolve selectorized horizontal row strength machine, designed for effective workouts. Extremely durable oval frame offer stylish design for commercial settings. Comfortable upholstery ensure a stable base for your workouts. Non-slip 360° rotating handles with unilateral movement create muscle balance on both sides o the body. Low profile tower design, compact size and customizable frame and upholstery colors provide stylish look for your gym. 114 kg weight stack will provide resistance for both beginners and professionals.


    Ergonomic design fits perfectly to human body anatomy, ensures correct body position and stabilizes joints during training. Handles are covered with a non-slip material, which ensures maximum stability and workout safety. Adjustable seat helps users choose the optimal workout position to fit different needs. Easy to use adjustment handles are painted in a bright red color, which makes them easy to identify and recognize.


    Weight stacks of all selectorized strength machines are fully shrouded with opaque plastic covers in order to ensure maximum workout safety and offer an attractive look. Resistance is easy to change – just slide the pin in a desired weight stack. Each weight plate is covered with additional corrosion-resistant layer.


    Built-in storage allows users to keep your water bottle, music player, mobile phone or other accessories within reach. Placards depict, which muscle groups are targeted with this trainer and show proper body position and movement, so that users can perform exercises correctly. 360°rotating arms move in a more natural way. Unilateral handle movement help easier target specific muscles and perform exercises with one or both hands. It also builds strength with symmetry and balance.


    Soft and comfortable upholstery is filled with dense, durable foam, which is resistant to deformation. Foam is covered with premium quality, heavy duty PU leather. Additional protective layer protects from wear and tear and can be easily changed.


    Frame is welded from powder coated oval tubes. Powder coating is chip-resistant, offers a bold, even color and protection form rust. Evolve selectorized strength machines are designed for home users, searching for quality or professional gyms, any commercial fitness facility in military bases, hotels, hostels, rehabilitation centers.


    Boost your gym with equipment that matches your brand image. Order Evolve equipment now and we will match it to your interior color scheme at your request, and customize frame and upholstery colors to fit your interior. The solution you have been waiting for – equipment customized to fit your needs. Choose high quality fitness equipment, which is extremely durable in commercial environment and complements your color scheme.


    • Built-in storage,
    • Workout instruction sticker,
    • Additional protective upholstery layer,
    • Adjustable workout position,
    • Durable floor protectors,
    • Customize frame and upholstery colors,
    • Shrouded weight stack,
    • Non-slip handles with 360° rotation,
    • Independent arm movement,
    • Low profile tower design

    Dimensions 1590 x 1115 x 1500 mm
    Weight 196 kg
    Warranty 2 years
    Weight stack 114 kg