Evolve Powerband

Evolve Powerband

Multifunctional Evolve powerbands are a perfect addition to any workout. They are a perfect alternative for weights and can be used for multiple exercises such as stretches, recovery training, assistance for pull-ups and so much more. Comes in 6 different levels from X-Light to XX-Heavy, to be purchased separately. Length - 208 cm.


    Users can choose from 6 different resistance levels:

    • X-Light (6.4 mm width, 2-7 kg),
    • Light (13 mm width, 7-16 kg),
    • Medium (22 mm width, 16-32 kg),
    • Heavy (32 mm width, 20-45 kg),
    • X-Heavy (45 mm width, 23-57 kg),
    • XX-Heavy (64 mm width, 27-79 kg).

    Latex provides exceptional stretching elasticity and durability. It holds its shape perfectly throughout time and can be stretched of up to three times its starting length.