Evolve Prime Series Plate Loaded Rear Kick, PR-070

Evolve Prime Series Plate Loaded Rear Kick, PR-070

Evolve Rear Kick plate loaded strength machine is designed for commercial settings and gym owners. It provides effective leg and gluteus muscle workouts. Easy to use design with comfortable padding and non-slip handles help keep correct osture during workouts. Option to customize equipment color and match it to gym brand color scheme. Oversized angled footrest for easy muscle targeting - Evolve Rear Kick is a perfect choice for everyone, looking for quality and durability.


    Main frame is made of solid steel welded tubes. Thermosetting powder electrostatic spraying technology makes surface bright, ensures even color and protection from rust. All bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel, thus ensuring maximum stability of connections. Evolve plate loaded strength machines are designed for home users, searching for quality or professional gyms, any commercial fitness facility in military bases, hotels, hostels, rehabilitation centers.


    Get an effective workout with Evolve Rear Kick which will provide maximum stability. Oversized angled footrest allows users to choose the best training position and target muscles. Comfortable padded knee rest allows to keep correct workout position for every body type. Integrated non-slip handles provide maximum stability during training. Soft PVC covers on feet prevents floor damages and ensures maximum stability during the most intense workouts.


    Boost your gym with equipment that matches your brand image. Order Evolve equipment now and we will match it to your interior color scheme at your request, and customize frame and upholstery colors to fit your interior. The solution you have been waiting for – equipment customized to fit your needs. Choose high quality fitness equipment, which is extremely durable in commercial environment and complements your color scheme.


    Soft and comfortable upholstery, filled with dense, durable foam, which is resistant to deformation. Foam is covered with premium quality, heavy duty PU leather. Huge padding provides a comfortable and stable base for your workouts and lowers impact of training on back muscles.


    • Non-slip handles
    • Thick upholstery
    • Oversized angled non-slip footrest
    • Durable floor protectors
    • Customize frame and upholstery colors

    Dimensions 1680 x 1230 x 1650 mm
    Weight 129 kg
    Warranty 2 years
    Max. load 150 kg
    Weight plate storage X