Evolve Olympic Triceps Bar

Evolve Olympic Triceps Bar

Evolve Olympic Triceps Bar gives the opportunity to target triceps and upper body muscles. This bar provides a more comfortable grip, allows to increase the amount of weight when lifting and ensures more controlled movements. Constructed with bushings, this bar provides smooth rotation and durability that will be able to withstands continuous use with up to 125 kg max load.


    Spinning sleeves help reduce the amount of force that is produced by the inertia of weight plates. This in turn help provide a smoother gliding experience and prevent wrist and elbow injury during intense workouts. Evolve Olympic Bar is equipped with bushings which ensure smooth sleeve rotation.


    One of the most important tasks of weightlifting is to develop a strong, tight, controlled and well-balanced grip, because it can affect and improve overall performance. Mechanically engraved 1 mm hard knurling patterns on handles of the bar provide a comfortable grip so users can concentrate on developing the best technique.


    Evolve Olympic Bar is made out of the highest quality materials, which ensure durability so it can withstand a maximum load of 125 kg. Superior quality allows enough room for resistance for beginners, advanced users or fitness professionals.


    Chromed surface on inner part and sleeves offer maximum rust and oxidation protection and does not require as much maintenance as bare steel surface. Unique design helps isolate target muscle groups and keep proper form, which in turn reduce risk of injury and help develop muscles quicker. Perform your favorite exercises without compromising on safety.


    Weight 10 kg
    Warranty 2 years
    Max. load 125 kg
    Sleeve diameter Ø 50 mm
    Certificate X
    Length 860 mm
    Inner sleeve diameter Ø 30 mm
    Bearings and bushings Bushings
    Inner part surface treatment Chrome
    Sleeve surface treatment Chrome
    Sleeve length 415 mm
    Knurling depth 1 mm
    Knurling type IWF, medium hardness