Evolve Mini Band Set 5 in 1

Evolve Mini Band Set 5 in 1

Multifunctional Evolve mini resistance bands are a perfect addition to any workout. Perfect for both home and gym workouts, daily exercises, strength training, injury recovery and so much more. Portable and convenient to use, comes in a set of 5 different resistance levels, paired with a small bag for storage.


    Set includes 5 different resistance levels from X-Light to X-Heavy. This feature is perfect for building strength and upgrading resistance levels. Easier levels are perfect for stretches, and recovery training, while heavier ones are to be used for lower body exercises and to build both strength and muscles.


    Latex provides exceptional stretching elasticity and durability. It holds its shape perfectly throughout time and can be stretched of up to three times its starting length.


    • Set includes 5 resistance levels mini bands and a bag for storage,
    • Made of durable latex,
    • Level identification markings on each band,
    • Suitable for daily use.