Evolve Horizontal Dumbbell Rack - 10 pairs

Evolve Horizontal Dumbbell Rack - 10 pairs

Modular 2 tier frame can hold up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. Evolve Horizontal Dumbbell Rack with angled cradles, durable, powder coated frame and a stable construction will provide a place to neatly organize your dumbbells and last you a long time in high-use commercial gym setting.


    Welded from heavy-duty metal, Evolve Horizontal Dumbbell Rack will last you a long time. Powder-coating technology ensure bold, long-lasting color and prevent from scratches and rusts. This rack can be used in a home gym, but is designed to be used in high-use commercial settings, military, office, spa and other types of gyms.


    Rubber  covers on feet prevents floor damages and ensures maximum stability. Feet can be mounted to the ground in order to ensure maximum stability. Cradles are made of protective material which prevents surface chipping on your dumbbell handles and scratching of knurling. Cradles are also conveniently angled for easier dumbbell placement or removal. These features ensure fast resistance changing in between reps and protect your equipment for maximum longevity.


    Strong and durable frame can hold up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. 2 tier design allows to save space and provide a solution for storing your dumbbells neatly. This way you will make sure that your equipment is always in one place while not in use and make it easier for users to choose the weight, as they can be organized accordingly. Mountable construction can be attached to each other, so gym owners can create their own modular storage rack, customized to fit their space.


    • Angled cradles 
    • Protective feet coating
    • Protective non-slip craddles
    • Mountable construction
    • Powder-coated frame

    Dimensions 2450 x 710 x 740 mm
    Warranty 2 years