Evolve Econ Series Plate Loaded Smith Machine, EC-030

Evolve Econ Series Plate Loaded Smith Machine, EC-030

Evolve Econ Series Smith Machine is a perfect piece of equipment for both commercial and home gym settings. Integrated barbell with linear motion will provide a stable base for workouts, and ensures correct body posture and low starting weight. 6 pegs for weight plate storage will help to neatly organize your equipment and quickly change resistance in between reps.


    The mainframe is made of heavy-gauge 50 x 100 mm flat oval tubing. Thermosetting powder electrostatic spraying technology makes the surface bright and ensures even color and protection from rust.


    Solid linear motion rods are equipped with linear bearings for smooth and quiet workouts. High-quality guide rods reduce friction and ensure continuing bar motion without any jams. Safety stops help in case users miss a rep.


    Soft PVC covers on feet prevent floor damage and ensure maximum stability during the most intense workouts. Easy to use adjustment handles are painted in a bright color, which makes them easy to identify and recognize. 6 integrated pegs for weight plate storage allows users to quickly change workout load.


    • Self-aligning bearing system with an easy adjustable safety stopper provides a smooth and safe motion,
    • 6 Integrated weight-storage horns hold multiple weight plate sizes,
    • Open frame for easy access,
    • Dimensions - 2251 x 1178 x 2195 mm,    
    • Weight - 232 kg.

    Dimensions 2251 x 1178 x 2195 mm
    Weight 232 kg
    Warranty 2 years
    Weight plate storage 6 pegs