Evolve Soft Crumb Bumper Plate 5-20 kg

Evolve Soft Crumb Bumper Plate 5-20 kg

Evolve Crumb Bumper Plates are made form durable compressed rubber, which has excellent shock absorption and noise reduction properties. Perfect for both home and commercial gym use. Available in 2 x 5 kg, 10 kg, 15kg, 20 kg weight.


    Soft, durable rubber provides excellent shock absorbtion properties and superior dampening. This feature ensures flooring and equipment protection and helps reduce noise during intense workouts. Evolve Crumb Bumper Plates are gentle on floors and safe to use both indoor and outdoors.


    Stainless steel sleeve and precision casting ensures that these weight plates fit on all Olympic 50 mm bars. Ergonomic rounded sleeve tips make loading weights onto and off bars easier. Textured rubber surface provides a tight grip even when handling heavy weights.


    • 5 kg - 3 cm
    • 10 kg - 6 cm
    • 15 kg - 9 cm
    • 20 kg - 12 cm