Evolve Fitness Urethane Dumbbells

We can infuse your gym brand logo and color

Urethane coat for maximum durability

Laser cut, urethane infused logo and weight number

Hard chromed handles

Knurled handles provide great grip


Evolve offers you a solution that will keep your brand identity – choose colors, that will boost your gym and make a visual impact. We can mix and match and customize fitness equipment and machinery colors, to fit your needs and interior. A wide selection of free weigths, cardio equipment, strength machinery, cable systems, rigs, racks, storage solutions and more. Heavy duty equipment is designed to withstand even the most crowded commercial environment. Choose fitness machinery, which will match your brand identity and design.



Evolve Fitness offers a wide variety of gym equipment and inventory to fit various needs. From economy line to the exquisite premium selectorized strength stations, cardio trainers, free weights, functional zone, cable systems, benches, racks and storage systems. Everyone can find the best storage for their commercial or home gym, fitness space in a hotel, office, school, military base, spa, rehabilitation center.